May 2024

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Jonathan Trout, Noria Corporation

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is a maintenance strategy that monitors the real-time condition of an asset to determine what maintenance needs to be performed.

Kendall Kunz, Forms on Fire

A well-structured maintenance audit is foundational to effective asset management, ensuring that the maintenance actions align with strategic business objectives and industry best practices. These audits delve beyond surface-level checks, analyzing the efficacy of maintenance protocols in preventing equipment failure, optimizing resource allocation, reducing safety risks, and boosting uptime.

Soven Palit, Noria Corporation

In today's fast-paced business landscape, Agile Manufacturing emerges as a transformative paradigm, mirroring the principles of Agile Software Development to navigate uncertainties and drive success.

John Ross, Maintenance Innovators

In this video from Dr. John Ross, you'll gain insights to understand the critical application of preventive maintenance optimization.

Noria Media

In our latest episode, Wesley Cash sits down with leadership development coach Jody Parsons, Ed.D to explore how you can lead effectively through changes in your reliability and lubrication programs. Join them as they delve into strategies to boost employee engagement and challenge the status quo.

Noria Corporation

Maintenance optimization has emerged as a critical strategy to ensure that machinery and systems operate at peak performance, reducing downtime and extending their lifespan. This article delves into the importance of maintenance optimization, the strategies involved, and its benefits to various industries.

Alan Friedman, Zenco

It is not enough to do a good job. We need to measure the effect of our actions, quantify what a good job we are doing and report it. It often comes down to money, so KPIs should include financial investment returns.

Yoann Urruty, Spartakus Technologies

Reliability refers to how consistent a plant's operation and performance are. Thus, a plant boasting high reliability demonstrates the capability to sustain consistent production levels, meet market demands, and avert unexpected asset failures and downtime.