April 2024

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Explore how Digital Transformation revolutionizes Asset Performance Management (APM), enhancing efficiency, reliability, and strategic decision-making in businesses.

Ryan Chan, UpKeep

The integration of digital transformation and AOM extends beyond the fact that machines can empower the workforce with smart technologies. As assets become more interconnected and data-driven, plants can invest in technologies that enhance the capabilities of their workforce that are being asked to do more with less.

John Q. Todd, Total Resource Managment, Inc. (TRM)

Digital transformation can apply to large and sophisticated organizations who already have many different sources of data and software interfaced together. These entities are already on the excellence and transformation path and most likely have the needed infrastructure in place. Organizations like these are in refinement mode where they are seeking to get as much out of what they already have.

Gary Tyne, CMRP, Pro-Reliability Solutions Ltd

Treating reliability as a cultural endeavor rather than a project is essential for long-term success. By integrating reliability into everyday operations and continuously striving for improvement, organizations can minimize downtime, promote efficiency, and build a reliable and sustainable future.

Yoann Urruty, Spartakus Technologies

From automation to data analytics, manufacturing companies are continually urged to embrace digital technologies to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and stay competitive in an evolving market landscape. However, amidst the fervor for digital transformation, it's imperative to recognize that it may not always be the panacea for all manufacturing woes.

R. Keith Mobley, Shoreline AI; Mark Stubbs, Shoreline AI

Shifting towards a holistic approach that encompasses asset dynamics and operational intricacies yields tangible benefits, as evidenced by successful transitions from failure-driven to true predictive analytics paradigms. In this article, we discuss how predictive analytics can enable the ability to gain and sustain optimal performance from your assets.

Brian Brzinski, AMSS Consulting

With an extensive equipment fleet and complex maintenance operations, our client faced challenges tracking maintenance activities, optimizing equipment uptime, and managing inventory efficiently. With guidance from AMSS consultants, client determined that implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) would overcome these challenges.

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In our latest episode, Wes dives deep into the heart of NASCAR racing with tribologist Lake Speed Jr. Join them as they discuss discovering the critical role of tribology in the racing world.

Tim Rice, The Defect Elimination Project

Auditing is a great way to establish a baseline understanding of maturity for your reliability functions. It involves ranking yourself against best practices, identifying what you are good at, and where you need to improve. It is an integral part of developing the action plan that will allow you to continue to mature and add value in the future.