June 2024

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In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the importance of workforce development cannot be overstated. As industries become more complex and technology-driven, a skilled and adaptable workforce in the industrial maintenance and reliability sector is paramount.

Frank Pereira, Coleman Consulting

Maintenance employees often work in the off hours when production equipment is available. At Monday through Friday plants, we commonly see technicians scheduled to work during the week, but because of limited equipment availability, their weekday hours are less productive and often they return on the weekend and work overtime.

Tara Holwegner, Life Cycle Engineering

Curating a learning ecosystem may seem daunting, but it can contribute to a more dynamic and adaptable workforce. It's worth the effort! The good news is that you can have a workforce that learns from experts and from each other. With the right planning, learners can see a direct line between their learning and tangible business results.

Noria Media

Wes Cash welcomes industry veteran Jerry Putt to Gear Talk for an in-depth discussion on the evolution of technical skills and onboarding in today's industrial landscape. With 39 years at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company and 13 years at Noria, Jerry brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Tor Idhammar, IDCON INC

Are your managers trained properly in management of reliability and maintenance? Let Tor Idhammar, IDCON President and CEO, explain why it is imperative that managers have proper reliability and maintenance management training and give advice on how to organize it.

Alan Friedman, Zenco

In a recent Zenco video, Alan Friedman demystifies the concepts of demodulation and enveloping vibration analysis. The video features three main graphs: a time waveform, an FFT spectrum, and a demodulated spectrum.

John Q. Todd, Total Resource Management, Inc. (TRM)

The transformation of our businesses from paper to digital is nothing new. What is new is the scope of what can and should be made digital. What was not even considered a candidate for digitization five years ago is now just another record in a database waiting to be retrieved for analysis.