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Varnish analysis, remedies and benefits. When looking at the overall health of our fluid many parameters and contaminants must be considered, analyzed and if possible – contaminants removed. We have learned in recent years that there are over 30 different kinds of varnish. When looking at a remedy, we always want to know what it is that we want to prevent or remove, but it is not really that mystical anymore, here is an update.
Achieving low particle counts of <6-micron particles in high viscosity oils can be problematic. Filter elements with enhancing filter element void volume and support were evaluated through lab and field testing. With the enhanced elements, end-users are maintaining cleanliness levels of ISO 16/15/12 on ISO 680 oils.
Aquip Systems completed an entire measurement job without removing a 16,535 lbs cardan shaft thanks to the ROTALIGN touch’s unique alignment function. This exclusive feature let them get the job done with: No removal of the shaft - No crane rental - Hours of manpower saved - Quick measurement set up - Improved safety of operators and assets - High quality measurement results “Once the alignment task began on site, the brackets were set up on the shaft and measurement taken within 15 minutes.“ - Bryan Rodgers, Aquip Systems
Industrial assets can begin to break down after a few years of use if not lubricated properly. Assets maintained with a static condition monitoring program last longer, but still cannot reach the lifespans of equipment monitored with cutting-edge technologies and best practices.

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