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When water enters a lubricating oil, it can have devastating effects on both the oil and machinery. But water ingression does not mean the end of an oil’s life; depth filtration is an effective means of removing ingressed water. This white paper explores the ways that water enters oil and the damage it can cause. Then, the effectiveness of depth filtration in water removal is proven through three unique case studies.
We introduce an approach to detect machine faults using vibration sensor data. Convolutional neural network supervised learning models, trained on Eastway collected and labelled data, demonstrate high levels of performance. The modelling approach is flexible to incorporate further data sources such as machine ambient data, however vibration data may be sufficient given the preliminary results presented here. Furthermore, the approach is adaptable to fault classification upon training with appropriately labelled data.
The cement industry is an incredibly harsh environment for lubricants, and current maintenance procedures commonly stay focused on their replacement. This method is costly and counterproductive with its intentions of preventative maintenance because contamination is never truly removed from these systems, continuing the degradation of critical components. Read about Hy-Pro’s cement plant solutions that save money, lengthen critical component life, and cut downtime.

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