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Predictive Maintenance (“PdM”) is a transformative approach to industrial asset management, enabling organizations to reduce downtime, improve productivity, and extend the lifespan of machinery. This white paper provides a comprehensive guide on how to assess whether you are ready to adopt predictive maintenance. It outlines key areas to investigate, steps to assess readiness, and best practices to ensure a successful transition to this modern, data-driven maintenance strategy.
The industrial sector is prioritizing environmental responsibility, focusing on reducing carbon emissions and maintaining equipment health. Our whitepaper explores the intricate connection between equipment health and carbon emissions, showing how malfunctioning machinery can increase energy consumption and emissions. By using predictive maintenance with AI and IoT, industries can proactively optimize energy usage for a greener future.
In today’s competitive marketplace, motor reliability is essential. However, monitoring motor health is increasingly difficult in today’s shrinking labor force environment. Permanently installed motor testing technology improves motor reliability, is safer than manual testing, addresses the reduced labor force issue, and provides a more efficient, profitable operation.

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