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Stationary Natural Gas Engine Oils (NGEOs) are generally categorized by their levels of sulfated ash. Sulfated ash is the residue left behind after the oil is burned and consists of the metallic based additives in the oil. The reason NGEOs are categorized by sulfated ash content is because natural gas engines rely on these ash deposits to cushion the valves to prevent valve recession. This white paper outlines condition monitoring strategies for extending oil drains.
Pumps, motors, compressors, gearboxes, fans, couplings, rolls, screens, and other rotating or reciprocating or articulating machines are prone to experience severe sliding adhesive wear, rolling fatigue wear, and fatigue cracking. It is common for incipient defects to progressively transition in successive stages. In this article successive stages of severity involve increasing size and increasing quantities of metal wear debris described as benign, severe, advanced, and then catastrophic wear debris.

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