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An in-depth look at Luneta’s Condition Monitoring Pod (CMP) and how it can improve your lubrication program.
Global Filter’s lubrication filtration products offer the industry best net value by offering high holding capacity, high efficiency and easy installation and removal. This combination leads to decreased down time, shorter change-outs, and fewer instances of equipment failures. Together with Global Filter, you can maximize productivity and minimize total operating costs.
Research shows that 80% of lubricant related failures and breakdowns are caused by contamination! Therefore, reducing contaminant stress is an important factor to ensure longer service life, optimum equipment reliability and avoid premature system breakdowns. This paper walks through practical steps that you can take now to ensure continuously clean and dry oil, increase uptime, extend component and oil lifetime, and slash your maintenance costs.
Keeping a handle on lubrication is easy, right? All one needs to do is make sure the right lubricant is used in the right amount and at the right time. Not so fast; if only it were that simple. Most bearing failures are lubrication-related.

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