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Significant advancements in in-line fluid quality sensors has accelerated adoption of online fluid monitoring as the new industry standard, replacing expensive and inadequate periodic oil sampling programs. This paper will review the technology now used in best-in-class fluid reliability programs and case studies from the field.
Download the white paper to read about the challenges maintenance managers face with improving overall reliability and some of the technology considerations for implementing an online fleetwide monitoring solution for predictive maintenance.
Electrostatics is a decades old method of mitigating varnish but continues to be underutilized. Why? This paper revisits the basics of varnish and electrostatics and asks if the IIoT can help this technology resurge. With field studies, see how IoT-enabled fluid monitoring adds value and critical context to varnish mitigation.
Learn how luxury-car manufacture Mercedes-Benz improved equipment uptime and lowered maintenance costs with a much-improved maintenance approach with Eruditio’s Inspired Blended Learning Training (iBL).

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