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Over the past decade, trending vibration parameters has become the most widely-used technology for monitoring machinery health. Industrial accelerometers have become the workhorse in the Predictive Maintenance market. These sensors are extremely rugged, provide a wide dynamic range, and are available in a variety of configurations to meet individual installation requirements. This paper/presentation outlines the basic design characteristics of accelerometers. Special attention will be given to describing the criteria that makes up specialty sensors such as a low frequency accelerometer. Application guidance will be given regarding installing accelerometers, mounting techniques, and cabling.
Are you the person starting the motor for the first time? Are you comfortable with the motor’s health? Do you know that everything from purchase or refurbishment to storage to installation has been done to ensure a healthy motor? Is there any test data that would relieve your anxiety? Read this paper to learn the six critical steps that should be taken before pushing the start button and what to review after the motor starts to help ensure its long life. Also included is a contingency plan in case the steps suggested have not been followed.
The economic value of using a high performance kidney loop filtration system to keep the oil servo valve clean. It was able to return the oil cleanliness to servo valve clean within hours and keep it below the recommended levels for an extended time.

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