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A world-leader in the production of energy from wind power farms has achieved improved oil quality in their turbine gear boxes with the use of TTI's Power Breather-CV. Side-by-side comparative testing for moisture absorptive capacity demonstrated that the Power Breathers produced by TTI provided multiple benefits for the energy producer: 15% more service life, 18% lower unit cost and a reduction in labor due to less frequent change-outs.
According to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), online monitoring is the implementation of applications for monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing assets from a centralized location. Such monitoring becomes necessary in today's fast-evolving global economy for companies that rely on assets as they face increasing reliability concerns. Unexpected downtime and maintenance can lead to significant cost and safety repercussions that can easily affect a company's bottom line.
Your equipment is being damaged by contaminants in your oil that aren't seen visibly seen. Learn more about the impact of oil cleanliness on your equipment. Brought to you by Chevron Lubricants.
Bearings are not meant to last forever; failure mechanisms are inevitable. Trying to understand what affects bearing life has produced many common misconceptions - especially incorrect assumptions about how long a bearing should last. In this white paper Andy Page will discuss the various failure modes of bearings, including the role of lubrication and fatigue. Through understanding the factors that contribute to and accelerate this process, plant personnel will gain a more realistic expectation of bearing health and lifecycles and will be well prepared to move from reactive maintenance to condition-based maintenance and thus greater reliability.
A gear machining company was noticing fine swarf, metal machine chips and particles in its oil, resulting in tool wear, frequent cleaning of sumps and reduced machine production. This white paper will explain how a filtration system was used to quickly clean the oil to a like new condition, improve the finish on parts and reduce oil consumption and downtime with a return on investment of less than two years.

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