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Many manufacturers of critical rotating equipment now expect end users to maintain very low particle counts in their hydraulic and lubrication oils for efficient operation and long-term reliability. How can maintenance personnel meet this kind of requirement when even brand new oil typically does not meet OEM cleanliness specifications? Read more to find out best practices for filtering brand new oil – why and how.
Learn how a multi-plant manufacturer successfully deployed Leading2Lean’s CloudDISPATCH software throughout all of its global manufacturing operations to improve Operational Availability and other critical KPIs. The company’s CEO even stated during an investor conference call, “We also have a new manufacturing system in place, the Leading2Lean cloud solution, also giving good visibility in our effectiveness in our different plants. This means that we have full visibility of all our production lines globally basically from one site here.”
IIoT and digitalization technologies are paving the way to increased reliability and profitability. Fortunately, capturing this opportunity does not require the full-scale digital transformation that you may expect. This paper discusses how to apply these technologies where they will create the most impact, and outlines three keys to success when embarking on your digitalization journey.
InsightCM is condition monitoring software for reliability professionals who want to remotely diagnose equipment before deciding if an in-person trip to the asset is needed. InsightCM, along with NI monitoring devices, can catch more pre-failure indicators while helping to reduce, or eliminate, route-based data collection and replace it with more productive use of a subject matter expert’s time in the field.

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