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Dirty gearboxes don’t always have to be rebuilt, replaced or run to failure. Dirty gearbox oil doesn’t have to be disposed of. Dirt can be controlled. Its effects can be minimized with proper intervention. This paper explains how leading manufacturers and savvy end users are filtering oil with highly efficient offline filters to double or triple gear oil life and extend gearbox life by at least 50 percent.
A world-leader in production of industrial enzymes, based in the midwestern-US, has achieved improved plant maintenance efficiencies and resulting economic benefits in conducting in-plant testing of hydraulic system air breathers. Side-by-side comparative testing for moisture absorptive capacity demonstrated that breathers manufactured by TTI provided multiple benefits to the site: 20-25% greater moisture uptake per unit, a reduction in the number of planned process interruptions and total duration of system downtime, and elimination of capacity exhaustion incidents.
With five successive loops, the now world-famous “Five Looping” or “Olympia Looping” at Oktoberfest is one of the world’s largest mobile roller coasters. However, to ensure complete safety at all times, all drives, brakes and every line need to 100% function - in warm and cold conditions as well as when it’s dry or wet! PRUFTECHNIK helps ensure such complete safety at the world’s largest public festival.
Water calibration using the FluidScan analyzer provides accurate determination of total water contamination in an oil sample of 1000 and above for all turbine oils and from 1 ppm and above for a growing number of turbine oils. The analysis provides an alternate option to to the traditional Karl Fisher (KF) coulometric titration (ASTM D6304).

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