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The economic value of using a high performance kidney loop filtration system is to keep the oil servo valve clean. It was able to return the oil cleanliness to servo valve clean within hours and keep it below the recommended levels for an extended time.
The cement industry is an incredibly harsh environment for lubricants, and current maintenance procedures commonly stay focused on their replacement. This method is costly and counterproductive with its intentions of preventative maintenance because contamination is never truly removed from these systems, continuing the degradation of critical components. Read about Hy-Pro’s cement plant solutions that save money, lengthen critical component life, and cut downtime.
Investing in a preventive maintenance program can produce an ROI as high as 545% over the course of a few years. Your team’s ability to correctly develop and implement the program plays a vital role in achieving this result. Learn the fundamentals of PM success so you can minimize downtime and extend the life of your equipment.

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