In this episode we covered: Where do we start with lubrication? What are some of those low hanging fruits you typically see that we need to address in organizations? Would you consider filtering oil before putting it in equipment low hanging or is that a little bit more advanced?
This is the crux of the Internet of Reliability. In preparing for the onslaught of new information entering your reliability operations, you may realize that you do not have the staff to keep up. Learn how to maximize the power and effectiveness of critical data to keep you ahead and focused on what matters.
Maintenance Backlog is a measure of maintenance work that is ready to be done, but has not yet been completed. Backlog may be measured in hours or weeks based on the total capacity of the maintenance department. In terms of CMMS, maintenance backlog can be described as Open Work Orders. Backlog is not just work that is past due, but all work that needs to be completed.
Unplanned downtime represents one of the major challenges facing factory and building operators worldwide.
Manufacturing plants are complex systems that require multiple machines and workers to work in a rhythm. As one would expect, this doesn’t always go according to plan. One such unexpected situation is unplanned maintenance.