Aim Small, Miss Small!

In the world of marksmanship, there is a popular phrase – “aim small, miss small.” This means that if you just aim at a target, you may miss the target entirely, but if you focus and aim at the bullseye, you may miss it, but still hit the target. We can “aim small, miss small” in the world of oil filtration as well. By filtering out the most dangerous particulates - those less than 5 microns in size. This allows you to efficiently and effectively hit your oil cleanliness targets. We will discuss, in depth recent advances in filter media technology and techniques so that even if you miss your target, you will still exceed your clean oil goals. The end result will be cleaner oil and lower particle counts resulting in longer oil life, fewer breakdowns and repairs, reduced chances of costly downtime, and extended equipment life.  View C.C. Jensen's Privacy Policy
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