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Matthew Kleiman, Cumulus Digital Systems

Digitalization can dramatically improve industrial maintenance with data analytics, predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence and connected infrastructure, but figuring out where to st…

In the manufacturing realm, most applications for augmented reality (AR) are still in their infancy, but they have great potential. Find out how this technology is set to make a significant …

Jonathan Trout, Noria Corporation

FRACAS is a process that gives organizations a way to report, classify and analyze failures, as well as plan corrective reactions in response to those failures.

Jonathan Trout, Noria Corporation

Condition monitoring is the measuring of specific equipment parameters, noting signs of any significant changes that could be indicative of an impending failure.

Jonathan Trout, Noria Corporation

Planned work is a technique used to foresee each step in a series of separate operations, with each step being taken at the right time and in the right place, while each operation is performed with maximum efficiency.

Jonathan Trout, Noria Corporation

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