Reliable Plant September 2022

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Ricky Smith

Many companies have failed in their attempt to implement Lean Maintenance. They took the concepts of Lean Manufacturing, applied them to Lean Maintenance and failed when, in fact, their approach was flawed from the beginning.

Joe Kuhn

Joe Kuhn discusses change and sustainability of changes that have proven to deliver a reliability culture.

Joe Kuhn

To ensure the new experience is recognized by the culture, it is critical that the change agents and leadership connect the dots — remind the target group of the plant’s past culture and detail how the new experience fits a new culture.

Joe Kuhn

Process management (sometimes referred to as process discipline) is the key tool in management for efficient processes with predictable results — nothing has more impact. It is worthless to know a best practice and not have the organizational discipline to execute it consistently.

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Change has been a consistent part of our everyday lives; whether it’s at our workplace or home, we’ve all navigated a “new normal” built upon the tide of change. Along with this, we’ve renewed our focus on sustainability. We’re all aware of the principles of sustainability but taking those principles and applying them to our work environment can prove challenging.