Navigating Change and Sustainability: Letter from the Editor

History quotes the Greek philosopher Heraclitus as saying "change is the only constant in life." As we look back at the past few years, his words have never rang truer. 
Change has been a consistent part of our everyday lives; whether it’s at our workplace or home, we’ve all navigated a “new normal” built upon the tide of change. Along with this, we’ve renewed our focus on sustainability. We’re all aware of the principles of sustainability but taking those principles and applying them to our work environment can prove challenging. 
In this issue of Reliable Plant Digital Magazine, we focus on Change and Sustainability as it relates to our industry landscape. 
In his lead article, Reliable Plant Advisor Joe Kuhn stresses the importance of needing a touching plan for culture change, noting that it can be challenging but ultimately, rewarding. To help people get started, Joe’s included a sample touch plan log as guidance. He follows up his article with an insightful video discussion on reliability best practices and needing them to deliver a reliability culture. 
Industry veteran Ricky Smith shares with us Lean Maintenance and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), illustrating how mistakes and defects can be controlled and driven out of the maintenance process through these initiatives. Be sure to check out the informative infographic highlighting the Eleven Major Losses measured in TPM. 
Rounding out our editorial content is another piece by Joe, focusing on process management. As he notes, organizations instill standards and procedures under the best intentions but eventually, those standards and procedures begin to drift due to a lack of process discipline. 
As a special feature of this issue, we’re excited to announce a products giveaway from Luneta, LLC. Be sure to enter your name to win; we will contact the three lucky winners via email by September 30, 2022.
And last but not least, we want to hear from you! This month marks our third issue for the revamped Reliable Plant Digital Magazine, and we would love your feedback. Check out our short survey to let us know your thoughts. 
Happy Reading!
The Reliable Plant Digital Magazine Staff
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