Joe Kuhn

Joe Kuhn worked at Alcoa Corporation, an industry leader in mining, refining, smelting, casting, rolling metals (primarily aluminum) for 32 years. Joe was an operations leader for 29 years, a plant manager three times, and the global director for reliability and maintenance, serving 31 locations in eight countries. Joe is best known for combining his capital-intensive operations experience with his execution of reliability and lean best practices to yield rapid, sustainable, saleable and significant results. He has a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering and is a CMRP. Joe is considered an expert in leadership, people development, culture change, manufacturing management, lean and equipment reliability practices. Having the heart of a teacher, Joe started Alcoa University to train and mentor new leaders. Joe has lead organizations in Aluminum rolling, casting, smelting, power generation, coal mining and aerospace casting. He has also consulted in aluminum refining and vinyl tent manufacturing. Joe retired as the plant manager of Alcoa’s Warrick Operations, which had $1.5 Billion in sales with 2000 employees in 2019. He retired to consult in an area of great passion: Reliability and Maintenance. Joe is currently president of Lean Driven Reliability LLC, creator of the YouTube channel “Reliability Man” and author of the book “Zero to Hero: How to jumpstart your reliability journey given today’s business challenges."


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