Reliable Plant August 2022

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Tor Idhammar

Leading reliability and maintenance improvements can be quite challenging. A behavioral change often needs to occur regarding daily work processes, preventive maintenance, materials management, root cause processes and much more. Projects often run into the sand because the necessary structure wasn’t in place from the start.

Ed Spence

For many, the acronym IoT invokes images of cloud computing resources operating on massive quantities of data, all collected by myriads of ultra-low power wireless sensors, rendering the environment where these systems are deployed “smart” (Smart City, Smart Building, etc.).

Joe Kuhn

Joe Kuhn explores the misconception that hiring challenges are a frequent roadblock in implementing maintenance best practices.

Noria Media

Against a tropical background of palm trees and sunshine, hundreds of maintenance and reliability professionals enjoyed some R & R — Reliability & Relaxation — at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida, for #ReliablePlant2022.

IDCON's Tor Idhammar and Noria's Nick Holder tackle some of the common issues encountered when leading reliability initiatives.

The RACI matrix can help clarify and define roles and responsibilities and is especially useful in organizing cross-departmental projects. By involving different parties in different degrees of responsibility, the RACI matrix method introduces a system of checks and balances.