RACI Matrix and Communication Plan

Using the RACI Matrix

Manage and control communication using this RACI Matrix. RACI stands for the four responsibilities that will be implemented in the matrix: it will show who is responsible (R), which teams are accountable (A), who gets consulted (C) and who stays informed (I) of the project status.

The RACI matrix can help clarify and define roles and responsibilities and is especially useful in organizing cross-departmental projects. By involving different parties in different degrees of responsibility, the RACI matrix method introduces a system of checks and balances.

To use the chart, simply mark each department's corresponding area or areas of responsibility. If, for instance, Maintenance is responsible and accountable for the first task of Project Phase 1, the maintenance box would be marked "R, I."

Using the Communication Plan

Properly conveying communications is pivotal to continued operational success. Use this communication chart to track communications and ensure that they have been delivered to the right people. The chart can be used as follows:

  1. Purpose: State the goal or objective of the communication. Be as clear and straightforward as possible. If you can't state your goal in one sentence, your aim might be too diffuse.
  2. Audience: List everyone who will receive the communication.
  3. Message: State, generally, the message intended to be conveyed by the communication.
  4. Type: Identify the method of communication (e-mail, phone call, hardcopy, etc.).
  5. Frequency: Identify if this communication is reoccurring and describe the frequency of delivery.
  6. Delivered By: State who will deliver the communication.
  7. Prepared by: State who prepared the communication.
  8. Status: Identify the current status of the communication (on-hold, sent, etc.).
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