James Sylvester

James Sylvester started as an apprentice fitter-turner (millwright) and, after ten years in the Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance trade, made the move into Condition Monitoring and Reliability Engineering. He has spent the last 22 years in the implementation of Condition-Based Maintenance and Reliability-Based Maintenance programs, with practical experience and qualifications working with many of the blue-chip companies in the United Kingdom, with a five-year period working in Australia.

At the start of 2020, James started a business in the United Kingdom to deliver condition monitoring in the best way possible, and he is now the joint owner of JPS Reliability Ltd alongside James Pearce.

James is the author of “Enhanced System Reliability Through Vibration Technology” and co-author with James Pearce of “JPS Reliability Ltd – Book of Gold”, which were created out of his frustration by the lack of mentoring available to help bridge the gap between the body of knowledge learned in the ISO courses and the practical field.

James is a member of Engineers Australia in the Mechanical College (AMIEAust), a Registered Engineering Technician with the Engineering Council UK (EngTech), and an associate member of the British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing (AMInstNDT).

Articles by James Sylvester