SKF Introduces Shaft Alignment Tool

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SKF recently introduced a new shaft alignment tool for harsh industrial environments. The TKSA 71's dedicated software applications enable different types of alignments, including shaft alignment, soft-foot correction, vertical shaft alignment, spacer shaft alignment, machine train shaft alignment and dial gauge values.

The instrument design is engineered to provide high measurement accuracy and protection against dust and water. The tool also has compact measuring units for use in narrow spaces.

The TKSA 71's software apps are designed for intuitive use without prior training and are available free of charge for both Android and Apple iOS platforms. Common features include automatic reports, export and sharing options, instructional videos within the app, built-in tolerance guidelines, disturbance compensation, 3-D live view and a fully functional demonstration mode.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, the TKSA 71 is offered as the base model with standard accessories and a rugged case that meets airline standards for cabin luggage. The TKSA 71/Pro includes additional accessories for more demanding applications and is supplied in a larger trolley case. Models TKSA 71D and TKSA71D/Pro include a display device with protective cover and pre-installed apps that are ready to use without internet connection or account setup.

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