Pruftechnik Launches New Laser Alignment Tool

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Pruftechnik recently launched a new laser alignment tool for simple and precise measurements. The Optalign touch system consists of a handheld device with sensor/laser heads, continuous measurement mode, simultaneous real-time machine corrections in both horizontal and vertical directions, automatic evaluation of the alignment condition, soft foot detection, flip machine functionality and more.

The touch-screen device is waterproof, dust-proof and shock-proof as well as resistant to oil, dirt and scratches. The system also incorporates wireless connectivity via a Wi-Fi connection and cloud-based file transfer. The sensors, which include two large position sensitive detectors (PSD) and inclinometers, connect wirelessly to the device via Bluetooth.

The single-laser technology is designed to provide highly accurate measurement results along with easy mounting and measuring in the field. Combined with the unique detector extension capability, there is no need for pre-alignment, as it is always possible to measure the initial alignment condition no matter how great the misalignment. Live corrections of the machine can be started at any sensor clock position after the measurement shaft rotation.

More advanced alignment tasks such as live trends for the measurement of machine positional changes can be achieved with a fast and simple upgrade of the laser/sensor heads.

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