Alignment Supplies Introduces New Shaft Alignment System

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Alignment Supplies Inc. recently introduced a new system for shaft alignment that combines aspects of Apple's iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone with a shaft alignment interface.

The Alisensor Shaftlaser features a 3-D layout with live alignment diagrams and graduated tolerance control to show both acceptable and excellent tolerances. Vertical and horizontal misalignment results are shown simultaneously in a 3-D view, making them easier to understand and correct.

The system also consists of two wireless, Bluetooth laser measuring units pre-assembled on versatile shaft brackets with adaptable components for mounting with chains or magnets.

"Unlike shaft alignment systems where the computer display unit can cost thousands of dollars to replace, the Alisensor Shaftlaser can simply use an iOS device like an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch by downloading the free App measurement programs," said Greg Knitz, president of Alignment Supplies Inc.

The Alisensor Shaftlaser has the ability to perform a standard 9-12-3 o'clock position measurement or use a minimum of only two 20-degree shaft rotations. The system also includes embedded help functions like video demonstrations and instructions.

In addition, the Alisensor Shaftlaser can create fully customizable PDF reports and include a photo of the machine directly in the report. The report file is automatically saved when the measurement is complete, allowing it to be easily shared like other files on any iOS device.

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