PdMA, Snell offer motor circuit analysis certification course

PdMA Corporation

PdMA is proud to join with The Snell Group in presenting the motor circuit analysis certification training course. The Snell Group is the world leader in MCA training, consulting and inspection services.

The Snell Certification Standard of MCA follows the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) model of certification. ASNT states that the three components of certification are:

  • Training
  • Documented Experience
  • Testing

The online and offline training courses satisfy the training and testing portion of the certification process. A guideline on how to organize and manage a certification program for your company is included in the course.

Online Course Overview:

  • AC Voltage, Current, Impedance, Power
  • AC Motor Theory
  • Transformer Theory
  • Power Quality
  • Demodulation
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • Voltage Spectral Analysis
  • Current Spectral Analysis

Offline Course Overview:

  • Failure modes of motors and related circuitry
  • Theory to support motor testing
  • Motor theory
  • Construction of motors
  • Motor rewinds
  • Motor operation
  • Nameplate information
  • Standards and references that support motor testing

Course schedule:

Classes are open to everyone regardless of the technology you use or whether or not you own a tester. The classes will be led by The Snell Group in PdMA's state of the art training facility in Tampa, Fla.

          Online course: March 8-12, 2010

          Offline course: March 15-19-2010

Click here to read more about the Motor Circuit Analysis Certification.

Contact Pete Bechard at Pbec@pdma.com or phone 813-621-6463, ext. 112, to register or for more information.

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