Reliable Plant August 2023

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John Reeve

Planning and scheduling (P&S) has always been a hot topic. Books on this subject sell well, and conferences always have presenters discussing the concept. But it’s my observation that the details of P&S are often overlooked. Typically, the maintenance community recognizes the importance of scheduling but lacks the resources to perform the task. One such resource is scheduling software.

R. Keith Mobley; Ricky Smith

Wrench time is defined as the actual amount of time a craftsperson spends doing value-added work. A wrench time study, or work sampling study, is aimed at identifying and eliminating or mitigating the time spent on nonvalue-added tasks.

Doc Palmer

Maintenance planning provides the productivity piece of maintenance and increases your workforce without hiring additional staff. But what exactly does a planner do? This narrative illustrates a day in the life of a maintenance planner and the principles they use along the way.

Alan Friedman, Zenco

Condition-Based Maintenance helps organizations reduce maintenance costs, increase equipment reliability and uptime, and optimize their maintenance resources by avoiding catastrophic failures. But we must be careful not to use CBM tools and technologies in a reactive mode – if you are finding and resolving equipment problems within days of failure, then you are supporting a reactive cycle.

Andy Gailey, UPTIME Consultant Ltd

Working in a production facility that’s bottom line is dictated by reactive events can be a soul-destroying experience. When I was hired to work at PepsiCo’s first DORITOS® production facility in the United Kingdom, this was the exact situation I encountered.

Rob Press, Deputy

In this article, we’ll explore four keys that management should adopt to help empower their manufacturing workforce and create the ideal work environment.

Rudi Frederix, Siemens

When it comes to the human factor in asset management, you must keep in mind that engaged people see an opportunity in every problem, while disengaged people see a problem in every opportunity. It is your duty as a boss or manager to truly know your people, to listen to them and to value them. As your people feel empowered, your business will feel it, too.

Chris Klosterman, K-IIoT

The best work-management system doesn't just organize work and create work orders. It also generates valuable business intelligence with every task executed. This information is priceless when it comes to improving productivity, increasing wrench time and reducing spares inventory.

Greg Christensen, CMMSradio

Join Greg Christensen for a new episode of CMMSradio — recorded live from the 2023 Reliable Plant & Machinery Lubrication Conference held earlier this month in Orlando, FL. In this episode, Greg is joined by Shon Isenhour, owner of Eruditio, LLC.

Noria Media

In this episode, Dr. John Ross with Maintenance Innovators joins Wes to discuss a topic commonly overlooked in the industry — the role of the storeroom in reliability. Join Wes and John as they chat about this crucial topic that plays a vital role in a facility's lubrication program and its overall reliability strategy.