Reliable Plant July 2022

Featured Article

John Ross

Quoting an old ISO auditor, Criticality Analysis is “whatever we say it is.” That seems simple enough. However, he further instructed me that we must have a process in which we all agree that “this is how we arrived at our conclusion.” And you must follow your process as it is written.

Joe Kuhn, Lean Driven Reliability

Joe Kuhn discusses asset criticality: what it means, how it’s used in the plant and how it can be applied to make better operational and business decisions.

John Ross, Maintenance Innovators

John Ross builds upon this issue’s theme by diving into three aspects of criticality analysis and how it can be successfully implemented.

This resource is a companion to the article Criticality Analysis — Get One by John Ross. Use this tool to perform an asset criticality risk matrix exercise that can help you better understand the criticality analysis process and the level of risk facing your assets. Complete the form below to request a download link to the printable PDF Risk Matrix and worksheet.

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