Reliable Plant June 2023

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Alejandro Trujillo

We've all experienced the frustration that comes when a piece of equipment breaks down unexpectedly, leading to lost productivity and increased costs. This is why developing a maintenance training plan is crucial for any organization that relies on machinery to function efficiently.

Dan Anderson

Companies are being held accountable for their decisions and must utilize their data to not only defend their decisions, but make accurate predictions based on risk and probability. Organizations that understand this will be successful in driving continuous improvement.

Joe Kuhn

Join industry expert Joe Kuhn as he reveals what it takes for someone to succeed as a new maintenance manager and improve the maintenance and reliability culture that they inherited.

Jeff O'Brien

The competition for talent has been intensifying for years, and good reliability professionals are increasingly difficult to find and retain. But, with the help of a CMMS system, a company can make itself a more desirable place to work.

Adrian Messer; Chris Pepin

The reliability industry job market is competitive and daunting, and it can leave job seekers feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. But by understanding what makes a job personally and professionally fulfilling, you can find the one that best supports your career aspirations.

Wes Edmiston

Wes Edmiston and special guest Jennifer Wilkerson discuss the history of vocational education, how it’s responsible for the current shortage of skilled tradespersons, and what workforce development resources are available to help bridge this gap.

Michael Meehan

As reliability leaders, it’s our responsibility to provide team member development, but we often find ourselves without a training plan, few available resources, and a shortage of skills. Where do we start, and how do we get traction on this problem?

Rob Press

Manufacturing is a competitive industry, and without communication between team members and management, chaos can ensue. When improving the communication and visibility at your facility, there are six simple strategies to ensure your success.

Preston Johnson

Many companies are experiencing skilled labor shortages due to an aging and retiring workforce, and to survive this, we will need to rethink training and workforce development, making them exciting, relevant, and engaging. Those that innovate will stand above those that don’t.

Reliable Plant

The skills gap facing our industry is a growing and ever-present concern for companies across the globe. As more experienced team members retire, they take their knowledge with them and leave a void in our facilities. To solve the skills gap, we must help develop the newer workforce into an informed and insightful asset that will support our business goals.