John Q. Todd

John is currently a Senior Business Consultant with Total Resource Management (trmnet.com) and has nearly 30 years of business and technical experience in Project Management, Process Management, Quality/ISO/CMMI Management, Technical Training, Reliability Engineering, Maintenance Analysis, Application development, Risk Management and Enterprise Asset Management. His experience includes work as a Reliability Engineer and RCM implementer for NASA/JPL Deep Space Network, and he has engaged in numerous customer projects and consulting activities as a reliability and spares analysis expert.

John has managed a Mission Assurance function for an Air Force contract that involved close coordination with the government as a customer, with a focus on project performance. He has also worked closely with clients and their third-party validation teams to ensure implementations meet FDA requirements for hosted and cloud-based software solutions, and has honed his project management, business, engineering, functional and technical consulting skills through his engagements with clients across the spectrum of industry and government.

John is very active in creating both Total Resource Managment and LinkedIn articles, eBooks, conference sessions, videos and blog posts covering industry and product topics.

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