Dr. Parul Baranwal

Dr. Parul Baranwal is a Water Quality Program Manager for Brunswick County Public Utilities in North Carolina, who has a strong interest in environmental and community matters, particularly those related to water. Currently, Parul is addressing significant water quality issues, particularly identifying and implementing lead and copper replacement rules. Her experience includes addressing workplace safety, environmental hazards, and regulatory compliance issues. Additionally, she has conducted research in microbiology, genomic sequencing, molecular biology, water quality, and other laboratory activities.
Parul completed her undergraduate degree in biotechnology from Dr. MGR University in Chennai, India, and later earned a master’s degree in environmental management from the Indian Institute of Technology in Roorkee, India. She then obtained her PhD from the University of Toledo in Ohio, where she focused on developing drinking water treatment methods and biological/sustainability processes.
She has an unwavering dedication to supporting the well-being of the community, no matter the task. At a local community college, she played a critical role in creating programs that enabled work-study students to participate in approved community service activities, including after-school tutoring at the public library. Her dedication to community well-being is evident in her involvement as a mentor and sustainability advisor in Clean Water Science Network and Seaside Sustainability, respectively.
Parul has also served as President and Vice-President of Toastmasters International, leading communication-building activities and implementing success plans for the club's growth. She also served as the President and Vice-President of Toastmasters International in our local community, increasing participation in communication-building activities and implementing a success plan for the club that ensured each officer had a schedule of action for their respective duties.
Additionally, Parul organized multiple club business meetings to address any outstanding issues and proposed innovative ideas to improve the club's social media presence and outreach to a broader audience. Despite her busy schedule, she participated in a three-minute thesis competition twice and received five competitive scholarships at the national (American Water), state (Ohio section-AWWA, Water Management Association of Ohio), and university (Robert N. Whiteford Memorial, Dean Katherine Easley Wemmer) levels. She also served as a judge for the Science and Engineering Research Expo in Ohio and North Carolina.

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