Shaft and belt alignment tools

RP news wires, Noria Corporation

SKF Maintenance Products, a division of the SKF Group, has extended its range of precision alignment tools with the introduction of the SKF shaft alignment tool TMEA 2, a laser-driven shaft alignment tool. Developed to further enhance plant efficiency and productivity, this addition to SKF's range of instruments will be welcomed in all industries where rotating machinery is used.

Shaft misalignment is responsible for up to 50 percent of rotating machinery breakdowns. These breakdowns increase unplanned machinery downtime, resulting in higher maintenance costs. Additionally, misaligned shafts can increase friction, resulting in higher energy consumption and can cause premature bearing failures. To this end, industries spend vast amounts each year to remedy the effects of misaligned shafts.

Traditional alignment methods do not produce the high degree of accuracy required by today's precision machinery and are often time consuming. In contrast, SKF's new shaft alignment tool TMEA 2 combines pinpoint laser accuracy with simplicity of use.

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