Workshop examines the value of value stream mapping

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Pelion Systems, a leader in lean manufacturing solutions, announced the launch of a new series of workshops titled “Value Stream Mapping: Beyond Whiteboards.” A part of Pelion’s TurboLean education initiative, the workshops are designed to help manufacturers take steps toward actively managing their value streams to accelerate progress toward running lean operations.


Using easy-to-learn tools and concepts, students will be empowered to go beyond the typical static methods of value stream mapping and begin building dynamic value stream maps with the purpose of:

  • Identifying breakthrough opportunities for improvement
  • Gaining consensus in the organization to make those breakthroughs a reality
  • Creating a program management framework for achieving those breakthroughs

Initial one-day workshops will be led by Pelion chief technology officer Dave Gleditsch, a 30-year manufacturing industry veteran who has driven some of the world’s most successful lean transformation programs. The course is conducted in a “teach and do” format where students will learn in class how to create value stream maps of both current and future states considering product flow strategies and customer value as the compelling drivers.


Appropriate lean manufacturing principles will be used along the way as students work to define the current state, identify wastes and opportunities and discuss how lean tools can be applied to create a future state map with an improvement plan.


“Our goal is to provide students with real hands-on practice by using a representative factory as a case study for process observation,” Gleditsch said. “The future state map review will demonstrate how to apply lean principles and tools to eliminate waste and create an improvement plan. We also provide students with a very effective tool for moving from discussions, chart paper and spreadsheets to real lean intelligence that can be leveraged as an annuity in executing that plan.”


The workshop is designed as a 100-level course and is appropriate for value stream mapping beginners or practitioners looking for new knowledge and tools to improve factory operations and advance their lean efforts.


Visit for more information and to register for an upcoming workshop or contact Pelion at 888-LEAN-FWD to discuss scheduling a customized workshop for your company.

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