Letter from the Editor: Setting Standards for Sustainability

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Letter from the Editor: Setting Standards for Sustainability

The approach of Earth Day invites us to evaluate how we consume natural resources, like energy, and reflect on how our processes and waste impact the environment, our own health and well-being, and the success of our maintenance efforts.

Waste exists at every level, and while it can’t be eliminated, we are responsible for reducing its impact. By identifying how we produce waste, such as our energy consumption, we can minimize its presence through industrial energy efficiency strategies and the utilization of renewable energy sources.

It’s also crucial to evaluate how we maintain our equipment and facilities. We shouldn’t be creating negative consequences for our critical machines and employees. This is achieved by preventing asset failures, a top cause of accidents that result in safety issues and pollution.

It all starts with equipment cleanliness, which directly contributes to our carbon footprint and bottom line. The cleaner the equipment and lubrication, the less risk there is of failure. As we progress to greener lubricants, we must also be aware of their risks, such as electrostatic discharge, which can have serious consequences for our equipment and personnel. But by understanding this phenomenon and our asset failures, we can create a safer, greener work environment.

The key to achieving this is data. Not only can we prevent plant disasters with data management, but our CMMS can support EHS and energy conservation efforts. Through this, we can enhance our safety and reduce our environmental impact.

Finally, we must use this data to make actionable and insightful plans, such as for corporate energy management or sanitation solutions, both of which contribute to the success of the company and the health of all involved.

Encouraging EHS and energy conservation produces results that enhance our effectiveness and productivity and directly support our maintenance and reliability goals, helping us to achieve great success while reducing our spending, growing our profitability, and increasing our safety and environmental consciousness.  

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