Eli Lilly to Invest $400M in Indiana Manufacturing Facilities

Noria news wires

Eli Lilly and Co. recently announced plans to invest $400 million in the manufacturing facilities at its technology center campus in Indianapolis. The new investments, which will provide additional manufacturing capacity for future medicines, are expected to create approximately 100 new highly skilled jobs.

Driven by increasing demand for Eli Lilly’s current medicines, the investments will also allow for enhancements to the company’s existing manufacturing facilities that produce insulin as well as additional capacity for its growing portfolio of diabetes medicines and initial capital investments for future medicines.

"These investments support our manufacturing capabilities in Indianapolis, including additional capacity and technology upgrades to our active ingredient, syringe filling, device assembly and packaging operations," said Myles O'Neill, senior vice president and president of manufacturing operations for Eli Lilly. "All of these projects support Lilly's investment in next-generation manufacturing and feature high levels of automation, robotics, new technologies and advanced data analytics."

A global health-care leader, Eli Lilly has invested more than $5 billion within the United States since 2012, with the majority of this investment in the company’s Indiana facilities and nearly $2 billion in the manufacturing of diabetes medicines.

For more information, visit www.lilly.com.

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