Paper Manufacturer to Open New Plant in North Carolina

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Jackson Paper Manufacturing Co. recently announced plans to open a new plant in Morganton, North Carolina. The company will invest approximately $14 million in the facility and begin operations in the second quarter of 2019.

The new plant, which will produce more than 1 billion square feet of corrugated sheets per year, will create 42 jobs. Salaries will vary by position, but average wages are expected to be above the Burke County average of $34,954. Once all positions are filled, the total annual payroll is anticipated to be more than $1.8 million. A performance-based grant of $100,000 from the One North Carolina Fund will help facilitate the new project.

"We are extremely excited about expanding our corrugated sheets business into the Morganton area," said Tim Campbell, CEO of Jackson Paper Manufacturing. "We greatly appreciate all the efforts of the governor as well as the state and local governments in helping to facilitate this project, and we look forward to a great future in the area."

Headquartered in Sylva, North Carolina, Jackson Paper Manufacturing Co. is the state’s largest recycled paper producer. The company supplies paper to corrugated box makers throughout the United States.

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