Listen Technologies to Unveil New Mobile Communication System at Reliable Plant 2018

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Listen Technologies recently announced that the company will demonstrate its new mobile, two-way communication system, ListenTalk, at the Reliable Plant Conference & Exhibition in Indianapolis April 17-19, 2018.

Designed to enable clear, secure, two-way communications, ListenTalk features a wireless, pocket-sized device that acts as a transmitter and receiver to make it easier for groups of two or more people to listen and talk with the push of a button. The system is intended for noisy, crowded and/or mobile environments such as manufacturing plants, warehouses and other facilities where background noise from machinery and ventilation systems make it nearly impossible to hear what others are saying.

When using the system, speakers do not need to shout to be heard or position themselves so they are visible to listeners. The product can also improve intelligibility of speech and reduce downtime that can result when workers must stop what they are doing to move closer to speakers on the plant floor in order to see and hear them clearly. Plant applications include production line communication, quality assurance, safety and new hire training, and VIP and customer tours.

"Listen Technologies is excited to be attending Reliable Plant 2018 and to have the opportunity to engage with so many factory and plant workers and learn more about the hearing challenges they encounter in their plants," said Juan Riboldi, chief operating officer of Listen Technologies. "We look forward to showcasing ListenTalk and helping others see for themselves how easily the product facilitates team collaboration in loud environments so there is no need to shout or sign."

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