Greenwood Site Achieves Safety Milestone

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Greenwood Inc. recently celebrated 4 million safe hours at its West Virginia Operations (WVO) project in South Charleston, West Virginia. The accomplishment was achieved after 14 years of continuous operations without a lost-time event while supporting multiple clients in the chemical, petrochemical and automotive markets.  

The company's leadership team hosted a safety celebration attended by more than 300 personnel from across the project sites. Awards commemorating safety program participation were presented to attendees in appreciation of their accomplishments.

As a company, Greenwood continues to emphasize the importance of safety as a top priority. The company's "Always Aware" safety slogan serves as the overarching focal point for all project work. Preparation for daily work always begins to ensure employees think, act and perform safely. This commitment and mindset allowed Greenwood to record its lowest experience modification rating (EMR) in the company's history while the West Virginia Operations project reached its safety milestone. 

Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, Greenwood provides integrated maintenance, operations and construction solutions designed to extend the life of critical assets, influence operational efficiencies and deliver bottom-line improvements for plants and facilities throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

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