Baldor Facility Achieves Safety Milestones

Noria news wires

The Baldor Electric Co. recently announced that its gearbox manufacturing plant in Belton, South Carolina, has achieved 18 years without a lost-time accident and that employees have worked one year without any recordable accidents.

"I am very proud of the Belton employees," said Mike Ross, Belton plant manager. "When we are asked how we maintain our safety culture, I’m quick to point out that our team has a strong sense of pride in the work we do, and each person has accepted personal responsibility for safety."

The facility has also been recognized by the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation as a 2016 Palmetto Shining Star recipient for completing 1 million or more safe work hours without a lost-time injury.

"We teach our employees that if they see a safety issue, they own it," said Paul Beaumont, safety manager for the Belton facility. "We focus on consistent communications about safety and expectations of personal responsibility. Our whole team has passion for doing the right thing, and we really work to take care of one another."

The Belton facility, which has been at its current location since 1995, produces more than 100,000 right-angle worm and helical gearboxes per year for industrial users.

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