Greenwood Receives Safety Award

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Greenwood Inc. was recently presented with the Lighthouse Beam Safety Award by BB&T Insurance Services.

Reserved for companies that achieve excellence in safety performance, the award is designed to emphasize safety and health throughout a company's organization.

To qualify, a company must achieve outstanding overall safety performance based on the workers' compensation policy loss ratio, workers' compensation experience modification and recordable incident rate.

This marks the fifth consecutive year Greenwood has earned this award from BB&T.

"BB&T Insurance Services is proud to recognize Greenwood Inc. for their excellent safety record for 2014," said Warren Blanchard, BB&T Insurance Services. "Their ongoing commitment to zero incidents leads them to outstanding safety performance results each year."

Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, Greenwood provides integrated maintenance, operations and construction solutions designed to extend the life of critical assets, influence operational efficiencies and deliver bottom-line improvements for plants and facilities.

"We recognize that employees who think safe are safe," said Mike Simmons, corporate safety director for Greenwood. "It's a simple concept, but one we focus on every day. Our safety culture encourages open communications between our teams and those from our customers. This allows us to reinforce safety standards to everyone involved, resulting in work performed in the safest manner possible throughout all of our projects."

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