Honda Opens New $35-million Facility in Ohio

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Honda recently opened a new $35-million, 160,000-square-foot facility in Marysville, Ohio, including a museum, technical development center and office space for Honda North America.

The Honda Heritage Center offers a glimpse of the history and growth the company has achieved in Ohio and North America during the past 55 years. The new museum pays tribute to Honda's unique tradition and highlights products and significant milestones in the company's history.

In addition to the Honda museum, the building is home to a new technical development center, which is focused on advancing the skills of engineers, equipment service technicians and production associates involved in auto production at Honda plants in Ohio and throughout North America.

According to Tom Shoupe, chief operating officer and executive vice president of Honda of America Mfg. Inc., the technical development center is significant as Honda's North American operations take on an even greater role in the development and production of global Honda models.

"Honda is committed to investing in its team of associates, and this new training center will allow our associates to continually develop their manufacturing skills so that they can lead the production of critical global models," Shoupe said. "As we introduce more sophisticated technologies in our products and in our plants, we are working to ensure that our associates are equipped with the skills required for the manufacturing demands of the future. We view this investment in Honda people as critical to our future success."

The technical development center features five dedicated classrooms and includes robotic manufacturing cells designed to give technicians more hands-on experience. The curriculum provides instruction in basic fundamentals such as fluid power, maintenance math and frequency drives as well as advanced training for specialized areas, such as die molds and machining.

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