Michelin Opens Tire Manufacturing Plant in South Carolina

Noria news wires

Michelin recently opened its newest manufacturing plant in Piedmont, South Carolina, which will produce the Tweel airless radial tire for commercial applications.

The new 135,000-square-foot facility represents the company's 10th manufacturing plant in South Carolina and the 16th in the United States. Michelin will invest approximately $50 million in the new facility.

The plant will allow the company to boost output of its Tweel SSL skid-steer tires and begin production of the new Tweel TURFTM as original equipment for John Deere to equip its ZTRAKTM 900 Series line-up of zero-turn commercial mowers.

Unlike conventional tires, the Tweel has no air. The non-pneumatic tire features a rigid hub connected to a shear beam by means of flexible, deformable polyurethane spokes, all functioning as a single unit.

"The Tweel being built here in South Carolina is yet another dramatic example of Michelin's long-standing commitment to breakthrough innovation," said Pete Selleck, Michelin North America chairman and president. "The Tweel concept was born at Michelin Americas Research Company in Greenville, South Carolina, one of Michelin's three global technology centers, and now the Tweel will be manufactured right here in the Greenville area to satisfy a growing commercial market."

For more information, visit www.michelin-us.com.

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