Bluestar Silicones Achieves Responsible Care Certification

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Bluestar Silicones recently achieved certification under the Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) at its U.S. manufacturing facility in York, S.C.

The facility, which opened in 2012, underwent three independent audits as part of a year-long program to align with the environmental, health and safety standards under the American Chemistry Council's (ACC) Responsible Care program.

In 2012, Bluestar Silicones relocated its manufacturing facilities in Ventura, Calif., and Rock Hill, S.C., to the 226,000-square-foot facility in York as part of its global growth strategy. The investment included state-of-the-art clean rooms and enhanced systems to ensure the highest level of quality.

"During the relocation and integration of two locations into one new site, safety was our top priority," said Dave Beaty, director of strategic development and compliance. "Safety of our employees, our contractors, our neighbors and the environment was key to our success, all while maintaining continuous supply for our customers throughout the transition."

RCMS offers an integrated, structured approach to improve company performance in the following key areas: community awareness and emergency response, security, distribution, employee health and safety, pollution prevention, and process and product safety.

"Shortly after the startup of the York facility, we launched into the RCMS certification process to help build the foundation of a new site culture," Beaty added. "We are pleased with the best practices that were identified in the audit and the positive comments of auditors that reflect the quality culture we have established here in York. RCMS is truly a team system here in York."

According to the audit results, all employees interviewed understood what Responsible Care is and effectively articulated how the Responsible Care principles applied to their jobs.

"Our new plant serves as the cornerstone for our success here in North America and ultimately our customers' success," said J. Christopher York, president of Bluestar Silicones in North America. "RCMS is a key component of the culture of our new site, and I am incredibly proud of the team for accomplishing this rigorous certification."

The company produces an extensive range of silicone technologies at the York facility, including liquid silicone rubber, high consistency rubber, room-temperature vulcanized silicones, gels, greases and compounds, emulsions, thermal cure release coatings, foam control additives, and functionalized fluids and resins marketed under its Bluesil, Silbione, Silcolease, Silcolapse and Lyndcoat trade names.

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