Accenture Life Safety Solution Named New Product of the Year

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The Accenture Life Safety Solution recently received the industrial hygiene product of the year award from Occupational Health & Safety magazine. Developed by Accenture, Industrial Scientific, Cisco and AeroScout, the wireless-enabled multi-gas detection system helps companies to remotely monitor incidents and to locate workers in hazardous locations.

The solution is designed for environments such as oil and gas refineries, chemical and manufacturing plants, utilities, mines and other locations where dense steel infrastructure can make wireless safety solutions difficult to implement. 

"Worker safety is a key priority for a range of industries with operations in challenging working locations," said Massimo Pagella of Accenture Plant and Automation Solutions. "This solution can help mitigate risks by continuously monitoring the environment in the plant and automatically providing feedback on abnormalities to the control centers and to management."

The Accenture Life Safety Solution uses multiple Wi-Fi access points to determine the location of workers. The solution, which is designed, installed and deployed specific to a location, uses a lapel-based wireless four-gas detector as well as a panic button and a motion sensor to detect when a worker stops moving for a period of time. 

"The Accenture Life Safety Solution has brought to market a revolutionary approach to gas monitoring that is capable of overseeing the safety of thousands of employees working across a large plant in real time and from a central location," said Raghu Arunachalam, director of emerging technologies at Industrial Scientific. "We are honored to have this unique, life-saving solution recognized as a new product of the year by Occupational Health & Safety magazine."

The Occupational Health & Safety award program honors the outstanding product development achievements of companies that create products considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve workplace safety.

For more information, visit www.acenture.com.

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