Pfannenberg Introduces Alarm Sounder

Noria news wires

Pfannenberg has introduced an audible alarm sounder that is specifically designed to conform with safety integrity level (SIL) 1 and 2 systems. Model DS 10-SIL capitalizes on the technology of the company’s workhorse model DS 10 and features an output of 110 decibels, a cast aluminum housing and a legacy for dependable signaling on machinery, heavy equipment and in tough industrial environments.

Enhancements for the SIL version include self-monitoring circuitry and fault-indicating contact closures to alert of failure or initiate shutdown /lockout of machinery until corrective action can be achieved, thus eliminating the need for redundant devices.

The DS 10-SIL also incorporates full statistical data supporting conformity to SIL 1 and SIL 2 requirements, a menu of 32 unique alarm tones and the ability to remotely trigger up to four selected tones. Target applications for the DS 10-SIL include machinery start-up alarms, process failure alarms, machine guard muting alarms and evacuation alarms for toxic gas leaks and chemical spills.

“Safety engineers can now deploy audible alarms that are specifically designed for fulfilling their safety instrumented system requirements and achieving their target SIL ratings,” says product manager Ray Limburg. “With SIL-conforming signaling devices, the associated operational risks are better mitigated, leading to a reduction in potential liability surrounding a mishap.”

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Pfannenberg has branches, production sites and agents in 44 countries around the world, including Lancaster, N.Y., where the company produces field-tested visual and audible devices for alarm, warning and indication. For more information, visit www.pfannenbergusa.com.

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