Toyota Plant Earns Environmental Excellence Award

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Toyota recently announced that its Columbus, Ind., manufacturing plant, Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg., Inc. (TIEM), was awarded the Indiana Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence in the “Five Years of Continuous Improvement” category. This marks the third time the award has been bestowed on TIEM for implementing exemplary environmental projects with measurable results.  

“By seeking out and utilizing innovative environment practices, TIEM has reduced waste, saved money and contributed greatly to Indiana’s environmental protection efforts, benefiting the health and welfare of the state’s communities,” said Indiana Department of Environmental Management commissioner Thomas Easterly.

“One of TIEM’s management principles is to be a good corporate citizen,” said Toshiya Yamagishi, president of TIEM. “We are proud of our associates’ commitment to environmental programs and practices that support our community.”

TIEM’s Environmental Management Program has made significant improvements in plant operations. Some of the environmentally friendly changes that have been made include reformulating paints and using solvents, improving transfer efficiencies, improving maintenance of and annually calibrating water-flow monitors on high-water usage equipment, and reducing and more closely monitoring watering of lawns. Specific results TIEM has achieved over the past five years include:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds emissions reduced by 55.5 percent and HAP emissions reduced by 34.5 percent
  • Non-harzardous waste reduced by 62 percent
  • Harzardous waste reduced by 21.6 percent
  • Water usage reduced by 24 percent or 2.156 million gallons

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