CRC offers guide to prepare your plant for hurricane season

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It’s hurricane season again. Time for devastating rains and flooding, causing billions of dollars of property damage every year. CRC would like to help you put a fast and inexpensive plan in place to recover your water damaged electrical and electronic equipment. This procedure, also available on the company’s Web site www.crcindustries.com/ei, can be used any time equipment is water damaged (floods, broken pipes and fire-related water damage).

  • Clean the equipment by flushing, spraying or dipping the equipment in clean water and drain.
  • Apply a CRC degreaser like CRC Heavy Duty Degreaser or CRC Lectra Clean to remove oil, grease and sludge contamination not removed by water flushing, being sure to spray all contaminated areas.
  • Saturate equipment with liberal amounts of moisture-displacing precision lubricant like CRC 2-26 or 3-36, and allow to drain.
  • Measure resistance by taking Megger readings after the equipment has drained. If the readings are not up to minimum resistance levels, repeat applications of degreaser and precision lubricant.
  • When minimum levels have been reached, apply a precision cleaner like CRC Contact Cleaner 2000, XT-2000 Precision Cleaner or QD Contact Cleaner to remove any dirt particles before energizing equipment. Do not energize until minimum resistance levels are obtained.

You may need to do more than just restore equipment. You may need to do extensive clean-up in the aftermath of a hurricane. Maximum performance from power tools is important after a storm, so don’t forget additional products available from CRC such as: Chain & Wire Rope Lubricant, Belt Dressing, Air Tool Oil, Bar & Chain Lubricant, Universal 2-Cycle Oil and CRC’s wide array of greases. Also, remember the HydroForce line of products for general cleaning. Flooding and heavy rains also can produce an excessive amount of mosquitoes. Defeat mosquitoes with CRC Insect Repellent

CRC Industries manufactures a complete line of industrial specialty chemicals including: cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors and paints. The company markets its products through electrical and industrial distributors nationwide. CRC Industries is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

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