Reliable Plant May 2020

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Manufacturers have come to realize that the secret to getting the most out of big data isn’t quantity but quality. By ensuring that the data collected and the analytics performed align close…

Jonathan Trout, Noria Corporation

Read about the many types of maintenance, maintenance type triggers and emerging modern maintenance technologies.

Jonathan Trout, Noria Corporation

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is a maintenance strategy that monitors the real-time condition of an asset to determine what maintenance needs to be performed.

Gregory Perry, Fluke Reliability

Condition-based maintenance gathers asset condition information from predictive maintenance and condition monitoring techniques to determine the optimal moment to perform maintenance for mitigating conditions that lead to failure.

William Jacobyansky, Strategic Maintenance Consortium

There are two philosophies that dominate the approach to industrial maintenance. The first and most prevalent is that the role of maintenance is ‘fixing things’ and the second and more successful is that the role of industrial maintenance is to ‘keep equipment running’.

James Kovacevic, Eruditio

Planners often get pulled into the day to day (along with radio calls) for a wide range of reasons. Usually, there is a lack of defined roles and responsibilities. Organizations need to focus on reducing the time the planners spend on the radio, along with the reactive activities they are responding to.