Reliable Plant April 2023

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Bernie Hall

Maintaining clean oil is one of the most valuable investments a company can make, especially for those focusing on higher profitability and sustainability. Oil cleanliness has a direct impact on machine reliability, productivity and uptime — three factors that directly contribute to a company’s bottom line.

Breanna Moll, Noria Corporation

We consume energy every day. From turning on the breakroom coffee pot to running an entire boiler system, energy is critical to our daily operations. But how often do we pause to think about how we’re consuming this resource?

Tom Moriarty; Roger Slotkin

Hydroxyl radicals (OH•) are the most remarkable molecule you’ve never heard about. Known as “nature’s detergent,” OH• naturally occurs in the Earth’s atmosphere and is responsible for cleansing the air of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and killing viruses, bacteria, and mold.

Marc Laplante

Asset failure is a disruptive event for any industrial organization. According to LNS Research, asset failures are one of the top three causes of accidents that end in safety issues and pollution. They also halt production and cause equipment damage, resulting in significant financial losses.

Bryan Christiansen

While countless businesses understand that a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) reduces expenditures and increases maintenance and plant efficiency, many organizations fail to recognize that a modern CMMS, paired with an optimized maintenance program, enhances their safety and significantly reduces their carbon footprint.

Shawn Verbrugghe

Join Shawn Verbrugghe and Anand Varahala as they discuss how to successfully manage the large task of Corporate Level Energy Management Planning from the top down and bottom up.

Martin Migliori, CFPHS; Joseph Lisowski, CFPHS

Electrostatic charges pose a severe threat to equipment and team members, and with environmentally friendly fluids and more efficient filtration creating higher fluid velocities, we must be aware of the dangers to prevent disaster from occurring.

Reliable Plant

The approach of Earth Day invites us to evaluate how we consume natural resources, like energy, and reflect on how our processes and waste impact the environment, our own health and well-being, and the success of our maintenance efforts.

Breanna Moll, Noria Corporation

Going lean isn’t new, but what about going green to become lean? Lean removes waste, and one overlooked source is our energy. While we can’t eliminate it, we can adapt. By using renewable energy, like Landfill Waste to Energy, we can solidify our lean culture.