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In the rapidly evolving landscape of industrial maintenance and reliability, leadership and communication are pivotal pillars that can either propel an organization toward unprecedented success or lead it into avoidable pitfalls. As industries increasingly rely on sophisticated machinery and technology, the role of effective leadership and communication cannot be overstated.

Rob Press, Deputy

In today's industrial landscape, it's crucial to blend the expertise of Baby Boomers with Millennials along with Gen Z's tech-savvy skills. A successful leadership strategy is key to bridging these gaps and goes a long way in creating a productive and peaceful workplace. Let’s learn a few different tips on how to unite your diverse maintenance team and drive them towards remarkable success.

Paul Borders, Life Cycle Engineering

ESG: these three letters that, depending on your outlook, might represent a threat to your business’s very existence. I’m always surprised many businesses don’t see the link between high-quality asset management and ESG performance. In reality, a great asset-management program not only improves your financial position but also helps you to hit your ESG goals in the long run.

Ricky Smith, World Class Maintenance

Several surveys conducted in industries throughout the United States have found that 70% of equipment failures are self-induced. Maintenance personnel who are not following what is termed ‘Best Maintenance Repair Practices’ substantially affect these failures. The article emphasizes the need for proactive measures and a cultural shift towards best practices to enhance reliability and profitability

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Watch Simon demonstrate that by cultivating empathy and perspective, good leaders can empower employees, drive transformative change, foster a culture of continuous improvement, ultimately elevating the long-term effectiveness and reliability of a company's assets and performance.


The correlation between predictive maintenance and workplace safety is a direct one. Equipment failure is a leading cause of occupational injuries and fatalities. PdM, through continuous monitoring and predictive analytics, identifies potential failures before they lead to catastrophic events.

Brian Brzinski, AMSS Consulting

Optimization of preventive maintenance (PM) practices is paramount for ensuring operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. This case study delves into the journey of a stationary equipment manufacturing company, AMSS, based in Central Illinois as it confronted challenges within its maintenance operations and successfully streamlined its PM programs with the assistance of AMSS Consulting.

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In this episode of Gear Talk, Wes sits down with lubrication expert Rafe Britton to discuss staffing issues in the lubrication industry. A mechanical engineer with more than 13 years of plant experience both as an operator and lubricant supplier, Rafe offers his tips and insights for handling staffing issues in the lubrication and reliability industry.