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The landscape of work management has undergone significant transformations over the decades, from manual logs and spreadsheets to sophisticated Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). These systems have revolutionized how businesses schedule, track, and manage maintenance activities, ensuring efficiency and reliability in operations.

Katherine Sanchez, MaxGrip

Implementing an effective EAM system brings several benefits that directly impact maintenance operations and contribute to organizational success.

Gary Josebeck, CMRP, CRE, CRL, RAMwright Consulting Company

For decades, procedure writers and workers have relied on Paper-based Procedures (PBPs) to perform technical procedures, work instructions, and other types of rules-based information transfer. Today, in the digital age, companies have access to mobile devices, software, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other technologies that now permit, if not demand, a change from PBPs to Computer-based Procedures (CBPs).

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In this episode of Gear Talk, Wes sits down with Jeff Walkup, FluidLife's vice president of sales and marketing, to discuss leadership lessons in lubrication. As an industry veteran, Jeff is passionate about the impact of leadership on maintenance and reliability teams and how it drives innovation and excellence in facilities.

Ricky Smith, World Class Maintenance; John Day, PE, Alumax Mt. Holly Smelter

From a basic point of view there are two maintenance approaches. One approach is reactive and the other proactive. This article is an overview of the findings by John Day's assessment of Alumax of South Carolina. In this aluminum plant, different approaches to maintenance and the philosophical side of maintenance were explored.

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As a Lubrication Management System (LMS) engineered by lubrication professionals, LubePM helps an organization create accountability to ensure that every lubrication point is carefully maintained, inspected and measured. In this video, Travis explains the benefits and advantages of upgrading your inspections using LubePM.

Sanjay Murthi, SMGlobal

As industries increasingly recognize the benefits of proactive over reactive maintenance, understanding the nuances of this transition becomes crucial. The transition in an industrial context is a multifaceted process extending beyond the mere adoption of new technologies and hinges on a blend of technological and cultural adaptation, resulting in improved maintenance and operational efficiency.

Rob Press, Deputy

The concept of work-life balance has become a pivotal aspect of the industrial workforce, especially for those engaged in shift work. The unique demands of non-traditional working hours present distinct challenges, impacting not only productivity but also the personal lives of workers. This article aims to bridge the gap between professional demands and personal well-being.

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Join us for a comprehensive overview of the LubePM Lubrication Management System (LMS). This 40-minute video will provide live demonstrations of key LubePM features and functionality to help you understand how this innovative software can optimize lubrication accountability, compliance, and reliability at your facility.

Sebastian Tiller, Octfolio

The health implications of asbestos are severe and multifaceted. Prolonged exposure can lead to asbestosis, a debilitating lung disease, or more severe conditions like lung cancer and mesothelioma. It's crucial for those in the industrial sector to recognize these risks and prioritize rigorous asbestos management to safeguard worker health.