Reliable Plant December 2022

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Abhishek Jadhav

Unplanned downtime is one of the major challenges facing factory and building operators worldwide. Industry data shows that, on average, a factory will experience 144 downtimes per year, and the average annual cost of these unplanned standstills for a factory is $2.3 million. In certain industries, such as automotive, these costs are even higher, with losses of tens of thousands of dollars.

Breanna Moll, Noria Corporation

The demand for increased maintenance optimization will never dwindle. As they continue to expand to meet the ever-increasing needs of consumers, plants must identify new opportunities to advance facility practices to meet demand.

Jeremy Drury

This is the crux of the Internet of Reliability. In preparing for the onslaught of new information entering your reliability operations, you may realize that you do not have the staff to keep up. Learn how to maximize the power and effectiveness of critical data to keep you ahead and focused on what matters.

James Kovacevic

In this episode we covered: Where do we start with lubrication? What are some of those low hanging fruits you typically see that we need to address in organizations? Would you consider filtering oil before putting it in equipment low hanging or is that a little bit more advanced?

Brian Hughes

Maintenance and reliability people fix failed equipment on a regular basis, and when the impact of this failure is substantial, a root cause analysis (RCA) is often required. But what’s the point? Once we’ve fixed the issue, shouldn’t we leave well enough alone and get on with our lives?

Bill Barto

Checklists have been used in a wide variety of industries (such as surgery and air travel) and in applications with different criticality levels. They seem to be everywhere you look, and while they may be intuitive and something you feel very familiar with, my experience and research show there are many ways to perform them incorrectly or apply them in an inappropriate situation.

Breanna Moll, Noria Corporation

Maintenance optimization is a core trait necessary for any successful plant. By understanding what tasks need to be performed and when they should be carried out, a maintenance team can create a proactive schedule that reduces downtime and removes barriers to success.