Steve Baumgartner

When defining successful leaders, the driving characteristic is passion. Steve personifies a passionate leader. As a result, his employees are highly engaged and together they drive reliability and change. After many years in the trenches Steve knows that reliability is 10% knowledge, 10% data, and 80% people!

Steve has led diverse teams in a variety of industries from tires to plastics, but most of this career has been in the protein industry. For the last 20 years he has worked for a major protein manufacturer, the world’s largest pork producer with over 50,000 employees globally.

He has held varying roles with increasing reasonability. Those roles include an Electronic Technician, Maintenance Supervisor and then Manager, Plant Engineer, Director of Asset Reliability, Engineering Director, and most currently accepted a role as a Plant Manager. His knowledge has been gained from single plant settings to a nationwide footprint.

Steve’s passion and energy has inspired many in his workplace, professional networks, conferences, social media platforms, and other organizations that he is involved with.

The views and opinions in the Fire Forged Leader podcast are those of the author. They do not reflect the views or opinions of him employer.

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