Behind-the-scenes look at TN Taste bottling facility

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Vice presidents Phil Chrysler and Dan Zintsmaster set out on an adventure to see the manufacturing of TN Taste and capture the footage for TNTV.

The day started with touring their labs and seeing the raw materials being tested for purity and proper substance. From there, we went to view the sanitation of the vats and the mixing tools. Next, we saw the raw ingredients being added to the mixers. We saw their water purification procedure that brings the water to 99.9 percent pure. We were able to see the large vats with our product being mixed in and then the product heading down the lines to the assembly room. This is a cleanroom and required us to wear hair nets. The empty glass bottles are place at the beginning of the assembly line and then filled with the taste from the vat. They fill around 16 bottles at a time. Next, they place the cap and label on and then shrink the label to the bottle and place the date and code on the bottom of the bottle. The bottles are given a bath and dried and place into their individual boxes. The boxes are loaded on a palate containing 560 bottles to each palate and then shrink-wrapped and put into quarantine for 48 hours while the purity tests are verified. Once cleared, they are shipped to our fulfillment center in Atlanta and then to all the individuals who order our TN Taste. This was a great experience and showed how we have the highest quality and reassured us of the great product that we offer to all of our members.

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