Invensys implements EAM system for Platte River Power

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Invensys Process Systems has implemented a comprehensive Avantis enterprise asset management system at the Platte River Power Authority in Colorado for its generation, distribution and maintenance operations, which includes a 274-megawatt coal-fired power plant located north of Fort Collins.


The Avantis.PRO asset management software application is being used for maintenance management, inventory control and procurement for generating machinery, distribution yard equipment, transmission lines and towers, as well as vehicles and other company assets.


The implementation includes the Avantis Approvals software module, which uses automated workflow for approval routing and processing. This helps Platte River manage their inventory and purchasing activities, improve productivity and contain costs across the company's entire asset base.


Platte River is also using the Avantis VIP Advanced Scheduling module. VIP Advanced Scheduling combines into one management display all information about the availability of people, materials and equipment. Work project assignments throughout the Platte River generating and distribution networks are automated and maintained using this capability.


The Avantis.PRO application allows any level of facility, process, machine, vehicle, material, service part, work order or other element to be defined as an "entity" that can be tracked, maintained and costed using a variety of stand-alone or roll-up relationships for more timely and effective asset maintenance management. This allows Platte River to build detailed equipment histories, control its procurement activity, define work management schedules, and develop information for audit and safety documentation.


"With the information from Avantis.PRO software, we have a greater ability to reduce the cost of inventory and maintenance and have achieved more efficient procurement," said Tom Iwanski, information technology manager at Platte River. "Now we have a proactive preventative maintenance and procurement strategy that helps us optimize our investments."


Invensys implemented the Avantis enterprise asset management solutions using the proven InRIM (Industrial Rapid Implementation Methodology) approach. Based on industry-best practices, InRIM is a component-structured, repeatable deployment methodology that assures low risk implementation without compromising the ongoing evolution and continued growth of the solution.


About Platte River Power Authority

Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo., Platte River Power Authority provides wholesale electric power to municipal electric systems in northern Colorado for residential and industrial customers. Platte River acquires, constructs and operates generation capacity and supplies electric energy to its owner communities of Estes Park, Fort Collins, Longmont and Loveland. Generation and transmission facilities are located along Colorado's Front Range, in northwestern Colorado and near Medicine Bow, Wyo.


About Invensys

Invensys is the world leader in industrial asset performance management. In addition to its rapidly expanding Global Solutions and Performance Management services groups, Invensys' automation businesses includes industry-leading brands such as Foxboro, Triconex, SimSci-Esscor, Wonderware and Avantis, whose products are installed in more than 100,000 plants across the world. These range from small hybrid and batch plants to the world's largest upstream projects, refineries, gas plants, petrochemicals plants, power plants, and pulp and paper mills. For more information on Invensys' process automation businesses, visit

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