Training Case Study: Noria at Kraft Heinz

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Kraft Heinz employees from manufacturing plants across the United States recently attended company-wide lubrication-excellence training, conducted by Noria, in Springfield, Missouri to significantly improve reliability through proper lubrication fundamentals and contamination control.
Kraft Heinz invested in its people and plants after recognizing lubrication's impacts on safety, quality, throughput and costs. By putting Noria's techniques into practice, they expect gains in uptime, extended equipment life, and lower total cost of ownership.
According to technicians attending the training:
"I realized I don't know as much as I thought. You leave with the education of an engineer."  
"It's not a sales pitch. They sell education, knowledge - which is what we need."
Learn more about Noria's Lubrication Training at https://www.noria.com/training
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