Cumulus Launches Digital Pressure Testing and Work Done Right Podcast

Cumulus Digital Systems

Cumulus Launches Digital Pressure Testing and Work Done Right Podcast

Cumulus Digital Systems, a global connected worker technology platform, today announced the launch of its new Digital Pressure Testing smart workflow, which guides frontline workers with real-time data to ensure the accuracy of all hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing activities.

Digital Pressure Testing works by connecting the Cumulus Mobile App with a Bluetooth pressure gauge, empowering workers with intuitive step-by-step instructions to ensure process adherence. All data is synced in real-time from each mobile device back to a centralized, cloud-based control center where supervisors can manage specifications and automatically generate reports. This eliminates outdated information, manual processes, and cumbersome paperwork.

“Pressure testing is the perfect example of an industrial work activity that benefits enormously from the added element of digitalization,” said Matthew Kleiman, CEO of Cumulus. “Early users of Digital Pressure Testing are already reporting better field to office transparency, improved performance among frontline workers, and less rework. Based on the current solutions available on the market, this really seems like a no-brainer.”

Additionally, Cumulus has also launched their new Work Done Right™ podcast, premiering the first episode on Wednesday, March 15. The podcast, which expands on Cumulus’ mission to reduce rework and improve industrial safety, features engaging conversations with industry professionals across construction, manufacturing, and maintenance. The Work Done Right™ podcast is hosted by Wes Edmiston, a 15-year construction industry veteran and the Director of Product & Industry Strategy at Cumulus.

“I couldn't be more excited about the amazing conversations I’m having with industry leaders around topics like quality, rework, diversity, and digitalization,” said Wes Edmiston, host of the Work Done Right™ podcast. “Spotlighting the wins, challenges, and progress being made in the industry is very needed, and it feels great to play a role in telling those stories and moving us forward.”

The Work Done Right™ podcast can be listened to on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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About Cumulus Digital Systems

Cumulus digitalizes manual work that is mission-critical, high volume, and difficult to automate to ensure that this work is done right the first time, every time. Its software improves the quality and productivity of safety-critical workflows, and is used to configure and visualize work activities across a wide range of industries. Cumulus is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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