Letter From the Editor: Resolutions for Reliability

Letter From the Editor

With the welcoming of the new year comes the arrival of renewed resolutions and commitments to enhancing facility performance. To accomplish our goals, we need to look towards emerging trends and technologies, not only to reveal the future of the industry, but to show us the path forward. By understanding where the market is heading, we can continue to develop into leading facilities capable of deciphering and capitalizing on these opportunities for growth.

One emerging trend receiving attention on a global scale in 2023 is workplace safety. Every year, hundreds of thousands of team members are exposed to non-fatal and fatal accidents. Workplace injuries and fatalities leave a lasting negative impact not only on the affected team members, but on the entire facility. By understanding the risks and how to mitigate them, we guarantee the safety of our teams and establish a positive cultural shift focused on the safety and well-being of all.

To make this cultural shift stick, we need to create habits that reinforce these changes. Whether necessitated by inside growth or outside threats, change is often required to increase business performance. To establish the right culture around change, leaders must define and guide the right behaviors to form the right habits. As these habits are routinely performed, they become the new status quo, and the change is fully adopted into the company culture.

Emerging trends and technologies also present a unique opportunity for companies to experiment with the way they do business. These trends not only force us to look ahead, but to evaluate the way we currently operate. By understanding technology trends, such as Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse, and how they could potentially impact our facilities, we can become more connected with the market and reimagine what’s possible.  

One trend helping to reimagine what the future could look like is 3D printing. With its versatility and affordability, 3D printing brings about a unique opportunity to expand the world of manufacturing beyond what was originally thought possible. By presenting new solutions to old problems, the industry can build a lasting foundation of progress and growth.

One of the best ways to learn about these new solutions is by attending conferences, such as the Reliable Plant Conference. These events are known for gathering unique minds and trendsetters within the industry and providing them with a platform to share their ideas, discoveries and lessons. By talking to industry leaders who have found success, you can discover insights into your own path forward, starting on the solid foundation of your predecessors.

Finally, we can take all we’ve learned and apply it directly to our business through the increasingly popular predictive maintenance method. Achieving true reliability is always at the top of everyone’s list, and building an in-house predictive maintenance system can help us reap the benefits of our hard work, such as reduced downtime, increased machine life and improved workplace safety.

2023 presents us with the opportunity to reimagine what is possible and reevaluate the pre-established benchmarks of success. Looking at emerging trends and technologies allows us to gather insights into what the future of the industry may look like. By looking ahead, we can better navigate the present.

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