7 Maintenance Management Sessions to See at Reliable Plant 2020

The Reliable Plant 2020 Conference and Exhibition in Louisville, KY on April 7-9 features an impressive lineup of case studies and learning opportunities. Here are seven can't miss sessions for maintenance and reliability leaders from companies like Braskem and Worthington Industries.

How to Design the Right Maintenance Strategy for Your Plant

Michael Meehan - Maintenance & Reliability Engineer, Worthington Industries

This case-study presentation will provide attendees with the basic tools to develop and implement the best maintenance strategy for their organization. Join Worthington Industries' Michael Meehan as he offers proven tips to make the maintenance strategy development process less confusing. You will discover how to select a base model from which to build your strategy, how to design a maintenance strategy that is aligned to your organization's objectives to gain executive support, how to choose improvement elements to include in your strategy, and how to translate the overall strategy into actionable plans.

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Case Study: A Back-to-Basics Journey to Re-establish Effective Maintenance Processes

Daryl Leggett - Maintenance Leader, Braskem America; Mark Drejza - MWP Coordinator, Braskem America

After implementing a new maintenance work process, the Braskem America plant in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, had regressed to where its team could no longer drive the process successfully. Input on priorities was lacking or last minute, the planning backlog was increasing, and weekly schedules would often "blow up." This case-study presentation will describe how the team reset the process by going back to the basics. Daryl Leggett and Mark Drejza will share the triumphs and setbacks encountered throughout this journey, including the impact of the reset and how the results have affected performance and culture at the site. Attendees will also hear where the plant currently stands with its improvement process and what work still needs to be done.

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Why Maintenance Departments Become Reactive and What You Can Do About It

William Jacobyansky - Owner, Strategic Maintenance Consortium

Maintenance departments have a strong tendency to become reactive. There are several causes for this. Maintenance advocates would like to place all the blame on the operations group, but they are just a contributor and not the sole reason. This session will explore both the internal and external reasons for reactive maintenance. You will learn key strategies for dealing with the root causes of reactive maintenance as well as how you can document and share your successes to enable further gains.

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Empowering Maintenance and Operations Personnel to Increase Performance

Joe Lonjin - Performance Management Consultant, Cohesive Solutions

The foundation of every organization lies in its people, but sadly this truth is often overlooked. This session will explore how maintenance organizations can develop, connect with, and retain the knowledge and passion of their key personnel. Find out how to increase human capital, from connecting personnel with business objectives to communication plans that increase transparency and performance, as well as how subcultures in your organization actually drive or hinder performance. You will also hear case-study examples of how empowered and connected technicians can uncover and jump-start potential improvements.

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The Role of Continuous Improvement in Sustaining Plant Reliability

Don Shoemaker - Vice President Engineering & Consulting, Synovos

Plant management often struggles in developing a strategic approach for managing parts and services, missing opportunities for efficiency gains in process improvements. While implementing an integrated supply program is a step in the right direction, program champions rightfully ask: "Is there more we should be doing?" The answer is yes. This presentation looks at the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) supply chain from the plant's perspective. You will discover how to identify continuous improvement opportunities, navigate the roadblocks to implementing improvements and recognize when outside help is needed.

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How to Implement and Sustain a Successful TPM Strategy

Bill Keeter - Principal Consultant, BK Reliability

Total productive maintenance (TPM) is a manufacturing strategy designed to improve asset availability, quality and throughput. It requires close cooperation between maintenance and production to yield optimum benefits. All too often, organizations try and fail to implement and sustain a TPM strategy. This session will explore how change management and strategic planning tools can help ensure successful TPM implementation. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of the critical factors for implementing TPM, how to identify and manage key stakeholders, and how to drive the cultural change associated with TPM.

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Case Study: Strategies for Filling the Maintenance Skills Gap

Don McDaniel - Maintenance Manager, Worthington Industries (Steel Division)

Four years ago, the Worthington Industries plant in Columbus, Ohio, identified a gap in filling its skilled maintenance technician positions. This session will describe how the plant began a training program with local trade schools and colleges to build a pool of skilled talent. Discover how Worthington developed this pipeline of talent for the future, which has resulted in several students being hired and the maintenance department becoming fully staffed. Attendees will hear how students are shown what to expect firsthand, how to work as a team and how to take ownership, as well as how new employees are paired with senior technicians for continued learning.

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