NAI Manufacturing Plant Achieves Zero Defects

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NAI recently announced that it achieved zero-defect manufacturing for one year at its plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. The event also marked a one-year period without customer returns or complaints. 

During this period, NAI produced 25,000 fiber-optic riser-cable assemblies, 200,000 fiber-optic jumpers and more than 3 million cable terminations. Nearly 1,740 miles of fiber-optic cable were also processed in 840,000 man-hours.

Plant manager Ruben Robles and quality leader Alejandra Flores commended employees for their hard work and commitment to excellence. Several shifts of employees at the plant celebrated the event and were presented with an award. The event was also recognized by a number of NAI customers.

A global leader in the manufacturing of mission-critical and high-reliability fiber-optic and copper cable assemblies and harnesses, NAI employs quality planning and management as well as lean manufacturing in its operations.

Among the company's quality processes include standardized advanced product quality planning (APQP), the use of proprietary testing protocols throughout manufacturing, a passion for excellence and continuous improvement, and utilization of the NAI Fiber Center of Excellence (COE) for product development and design, with a focus on design for manufacturing (DFM).

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